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The function of each component of an adult electric motorcycle

Jun 07, 2019

The power supply provides electrical energy to the drive motor of an adult electric motorcycle, which converts the electrical energy of the power source into mechanical energy, through a transmission or directly drives the wheels and working devices. The function of the drive motor is to convert the electrical energy of the power source into mechanical energy, through the transmission or directly drive the wheel and the working device.


The motor speed control device is provided for shifting and direction change of an adult electric motorcycle, and its function is to control the voltage or current of the motor to complete the control of the driving torque and the rotation direction of the motor. In the rotary direction control of the drive motor, in addition, the AC motor and its variable frequency speed control technology are adopted to make the braking energy recovery control of the electric vehicle more convenient and the control circuit is simpler.


The driving device functions to drive the driving torque of the electric motor to the ground through the adult electric motorcycle wheel and drive the wheel to travel. It is identical to the composition of other cars and consists of wheels, tires and suspensions. The brakes of adult electric motorcycles, like other cars, are set for the vehicle to slow down or stop, usually consisting of a brake and its controls.


In an electric vehicle, there is generally an electromagnetic brake device that can realize the power generation operation of the motor by using a control circuit for driving the motor, and convert the energy during the deceleration braking into a current for charging the battery, thereby being recycled.www.xufengbike.com