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The importance of ceramic antenna molds

Jul 13, 2018

Ceramic antenna mold technology is one of the key technologies for the development of ceramic parts. For the moment, especially for parts with complex structures and high dimensional tolerance requirements, the manufacturing precision is mainly ensured by ceramic antenna molds. .


From this, it can be seen that the ceramic antenna mold having excellent quality is a prerequisite for realizing the economical and efficient production of mechanical parts having complicated shapes. However, high-quality molds not only require high mold manufacturing techniques and equipment, but also may cause mold failure due to cracks, abrasion, napping and bruising.


Therefore, in practical applications, we not only need to further improve the manufacturing technology and process level of ceramic antenna molds, but also need to extend the service life of the mold as much as possible. This is also one of the key technologies to stabilize product quality and improve production efficiency. Only by extending the life of the ceramic antenna mold as much as possible can the cost and efficiency of this process technology be fully demonstrated.