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The importance of Welding backing mold size stability and surface requirements

Dec 06, 2017

Welding backing mold in its geometry design process often need to consider its dimensional stability and the quality of the surface, under normal circumstances mold design and dimensional stability requirements of the use of concave die, but the required surface gloss Degree is a relatively high product but requires the use of punch, in the production process needs to take into account these two points, so that will make the product under the best conditions for production.

The importance of Welding backing mold size stability

Welding liner mold size requirements are very strict, in the process of molding its plastic parts and mold contact surface generally leave the mold part than the dimensional stability better, when used in the future because of the material stiffness The need to change the material thickness may result in the male to female mold being converted. Plastic parts of the size tolerance can not be less than 10% shrinkage.

Welding backing mold surface requirements

In terms of the range over which the molding material can be wrapped, the surface structure of the visible surface of the part should be formed at the point of contact with the mold. If possible, do not touch the mold surface.

Welding pad mold in the process of modification if the use of its mechanical horizontal saw plastic parts clamping edge, so that in the height direction, there must be at least 6 ~ 8mm margin, other dressing work, such as Grinding, laser cutting or jetting must also be left with margin. The minimum gap between the cutting die cutting line, punching die trimming distribution width is also very small, these are to be noted.