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The influence of injection molding mold temperature and its control method

Apr 22, 2019

The temperature of theinjection molding mold has a direct influence on the plastic parts. The low mold temperature can reduce the molding shrinkage rate of the plastic parts; the mold temperature is uniform, the cooling time is short, and the injection speed can reduce the warpage deformation of the plastic parts. For crystalline polymers, increasing the temperature of the injection molding mold can stabilize the dimensions of the plastic part and avoid post-crystallization, but it will lead to defects in the molding cycle and the brittleness of the plastic parts.


As the crystallinity of the crystalline polymer increases, the stress crack resistance of the plastic decreases, so it is advantageous to lower the temperature of the injection mold. However, for high-viscosity amorphous polymers, since the endurance cracking resistance is directly related to the internal stress of the plastic part, it is advantageous to increase the temperature of the injection molding mold and the filling speed and reduce the feeding time. Moreover, increasing the temperature of the injection molding mold can improve the surface quality of the plastic part.


The injection molding mold temperature control method is a liquid cooling mold flowing in a cooling pipe. Since water is relatively inexpensive, water is used as a primary coolant to cool the mold, and water can shorten the rapid cooling time by guiding the mold. It is usually more efficient than cold molds because it allows for faster production cycle times.


In the injection molding mold, the beryllium copper insert is usually used to improve the cooling effect of the mold. In the case of poor heat dissipation, the heat can be quickly transferred to the cooling water flowing through the copper-plated material with good thermal conductivity to achieve the cooling effect. There are also plastics with high melting temperatures that require a mold for thermal injection molding, such as heating a mold in a mold plate using a wire heater.www.yxhgmould.com