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The main influencing factors of the life of ceramic water valve mold

Sep 10, 2018

Ceramic water valve inserts are easy to use, but their actual service life is often affected by many factors. The main influencing factors include: material, processing technology and processing. First of all, the material properties of the ceramic water valve sheet mold will directly affect its service life. Every aspect of the material affects the state and performance of the mold, including chemical composition, texture, hardness, and more.


Therefore, when making ceramic water valve sheet molds, first of all, we should pay attention to the rational selection of materials. It is recommended to select materials with high hardness, high wear resistance, sufficient toughness and good process performance to reduce defects in ceramic molds. The second is the design of the mold itself. In fact, scientific and rational structural design can not only improve the title of the mold, but also improve the quality of the product.


The last important influencing factor is the thermal processing process, which also has an important impact on the quality of the ceramic water valve sheet mold, mainly referring to the forging process, the pre-heat treatment process, the quenching and tempering process, and the stress relief annealing. Processing, different processes have different effects on the mold.