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The main production process of Hot Pressing Grouting Mold

Nov 03, 2017

In general, the production of hot-pressing grouting molds is a complicated and meticulous work, so the technical requirements are more stringent. Therefore, in order to produce hot-press grouting mold for grouting, we need to do a series of tight work. So, specifically in the production of the time, mainly including that process?


Combined with the actual production process to analyze the words, in fact, the current hot pressing grouting die manufacturing process is divided into five steps. The first step is to make the prototype, this time mainly to ensure that its size and processing of finished product size, can be combined with the design drawings or samples for production. If you have a physical sample, then you can directly imitate.


The next step is to make the mold of hot-pressing grouting mold, and this time also need to pay attention to the size of the problem. Usually based on the prototype after the scale, such as increasing the drying, firing the total shrinkage made after the process. The third step is to produce concave tires, the so-called concave tire is what we usually said mold, usually from the original tire from the system.


In the process of making the fourth step, the master mold of the hot-press grouting mold is mainly made, and its structure is mainly composed of the bottom mold and the mold, or the core and the mold. And in the last part, in fact, is the production of mold sub-mold for the use of grouting.


In short, from the contents described above, in fact, we can also understand that the hot-pressing grouting mold on the manufacturing process is more complex, and which need to pay attention to many aspects of the problem. So in the actual production of hot-pressing grouting mold, be sure to take a serious and responsible attitude to carry out.