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The basic production requirements of hot pressing grouting mold

Nov 06, 2017

Do you know what basic requirements should be followed when making hot-press grouting molds? Especially in the design of the operation, often need to take into account many aspects of the problem. For example, in the design of hot-pressing grouting mold in the process, the designer first need to determine the basic structure of the mold, and then also on the various parts of the mold for detailed design.

In other words, in the refinement of the time, not only to ensure that the thermoforming mold structure design is reasonable, but also to ensure its size, cavity and core size and so meet the specific requirements. This time will have to take into account the relevant design parameters, such as material shrinkage and so on. This is because the shrinkage of the material will affect the final molding effect of the mold product and the size of each part of the cavity to a certain extent.

Therefore, even if the hot-press grouting mold structure is correct, but the size does not meet the requirements, it can not produce qualified workpieces meet the quality. So, in the production process, what basic requirements should be met? First, it should ensure that it has a good water absorption, which can ensure a better rate of pulp to achieve, so that you can shorten the grouting cycle.

Second, the production of hot-pressing grouting mold should have the appropriate mechanical strength, such as with the appropriate tensile and compressive strength, etc., which can prevent the product deformation. In addition, it should ensure that its surface is smooth, no oil and other debris, and easy stripping, body quality is good, so, can reduce the workload of the blank.

In addition, the production of hot-pressing grouting mold not only to meet the various requirements, such as size, shape, etc., but also should have a longer service life to ensure long-term normal use.

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