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The method of separating the original tire from the zirconia ceramic mold

Jan 11, 2018

Zirconia ceramic mold in the grouting, the mud is full of these small holes in the mold, the gypsum mold to adsorb the slurry particles to achieve the thickness of the blank and the requirements of the pulp, the blank in the mold shrinkage drying process, the blank in the small mud particles get rid of the bondage of the hollow process.

The original tire separate from the zirconia ceramic mold method

1. percussion method, percussion mold should use rubber hammer, or use the wooden hammer head with rubber. Pinch the original tire with the left hand when knocking, use the right hand to squeeze the rubber hammer lightly tap the mold around the original tire. Be sure to force even when tapping, and constantly changing the location of the percussion, (note that the hammer do not touch the original tire) so that the number of hits can make the original tire and the mold separated.

2. Water scalding method, when we use the rubber mallet repeatedly hit still failed to make the original child have signs of loosening, you can also use hot water stripping. We first need to find a container that can hold the original tire and mold, put them in. Then slowly pour the hot water into the container until the surface of the mold has not passed.

When the mold and the original tire soak in hot water for about 5 minutes, they can be removed out, after a little cooling can be used to hit the rubber hammer and pinch the original tire body shake until it comes out of the mold .

3. Air blowing method, when we use the method of soaking hot water can not make the original tire and the mold detachment, we can also use high-pressure air blowing method to make it out. The specific method is: We use gas muzzle alignment of the carcass and the mold at the seams, gently open the high-pressure gas valve, the high-pressure gas gradually into the gap, so that the carcass and mold detachment.

When we are using the air blowing method for demolding, we should be careful not to open the air flow is too large at once, should be slow first, fast first, then low, step by step. To ensure that the strength of the airflow can blow apart the gap between the carcass and the mold without suddenly blowing one end of the carcass so that the carcass can be broken by uneven force.