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The process of using hot press grouting mold and the way of pressing

Jun 28, 2019

The hot press grouting mold must have sufficient hardness and wear resistance, sufficient strength and toughness during use. Good processing performance, good pattern corrosion. Therefore, medium carbon alloy steel is generally used. After the quenching and tempering treatment, the effect is better.

The hot press forming of the hot press grouting mold can also be divided into vacuum forming and compression forming, and the pressing method is not the same. Most of the compression molding is to place the plastic in the mold after heating and softening, and then apply pressure to form. The pressure source for vacuum forming may be a single side vacuuming, or a vacuum on one side and a high pressure on the other side. Compared with other processing methods, hot press forming has the advantages of cheap mold and uniform thickness of finished products.

The hot press grouting mold comprises a plurality of gypsum molds, and a mud forming cavity is formed between adjacent gypsum molds, each mud forming cavity is connected with a separate grouting branch pipe, and a plurality of grouting branch pipes are connected to the mud pipe with the mud pump, A guide rail is arranged under the plaster mold, and a roller matched with the guide rail is installed at the bottom of each plaster mold. In several plaster molds, the left side of the plaster mold on the left side is opposite to the limit block, and is located on the right side of the plaster mold at the right end. Fixed connection to the cylinder output shaft. The invention adopts a combination of a plurality of gypsum molds, and the mud forming cavity between adjacent gypsum molds can complete the grouting forming, for example, three gypsum molds can complete the grouting molding of two ceramic products, compared with the original four gypsum molds. Two ceramic products are single-grouted for higher efficiency, and the plaster mold can be fully utilized.www.yxhgmould.com