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The relationship between the material and processing of ceramic molds and the quality of ceramic products

Dec 27, 2018

In the process of producing architectural ceramics, ceramic molds are one of the important production factors that are indispensable. From some perspectives, the importance of ceramic molds even exceeds that of ceramic production equipment. Because the equipment determines the product quantity of the product, the ability to produce high quality ceramics depends to a large extent on the ceramic mold.

Under the premise of using the same equipment, the quality of the ceramic molds provided will directly affect the results. Good ceramic molds and poor ceramic molds will have two completely different effects. However, from the perspective of total quality management, every aspect of production has an impact on the quality of the product. In addition to ceramic molds, it also includes stamping of ceramic products.

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers, although equipped with a large number of tons of equipment, but the use of domestic ceramic molds of average quality, so often there will be unqualified products, increasing costs. It can be seen that although the quality of domestically produced ceramic molds is low in price, there are serious drawbacks and it is not recommended.

If the ceramic mold produced by domestic mold steel is used, the quality of the steel itself will be deformed very quickly, so the chance of defective products will increase a lot. Therefore, it is recommended to use imported mold steel to produce ceramic molds. Secondly, even if the imported mold steel is used to produce the mold, the processing of the mold is quite important.

In order to reduce costs, many ceramic mold manufacturers often do not pay attention to the quality. Therefore, the accuracy of the produced ceramic molds is larger than that of foreign products, which inevitably leads to large differences in product quality. Therefore, in order to effectively improve the quality of ceramic products, companies must strengthen the emphasis on ceramic molds.