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The role and application of dry powder pressing mold

Aug 09, 2018

The dry powder pressing mold can press different granular or well-flowing powdery raw materials into products of the required geometric shape, and is currently suitable for use in pharmaceutical, health care products, food, agriculture, chemical, electronic battery and other industries. In the process of actually pressing the product, the required pressing thickness and material filling depth can be achieved by appropriate adjustment.


For different shapes and requirements, we can choose the right dry powder pressing mold for pressing. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, molds can be used to suppress various traditional Chinese medicine western medicine tablets, nutrient tablets, animal health tablets and pills. In the food industry, candy tablets, coffee tablets, chocolate beans, seasoning blocks, and milk tablets can be pressed. Wait.


It can also be used in the health care industry, agriculture, electronic battery industry, chemical industry and metallurgical industry. Especially in the metallurgical industry, dry powder pressing molds are widely used, such as pressing catalyst particles, glass powder particles, ceramic powder particles, metallurgical powder particles, and the like.