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The transformation of traditional mold manufacturing process of ceramic mold - 3D technology

Dec 18, 2018

In the past, ceramic molds were hand-made by traditional techniques, but it is obvious that the fineness and neatness of the molds are obviously not up to high requirements, but our technology is constantly innovating. Previously, ceramics were traditionally used to make ceramics mold, but does not mean that it is also being produced with this technology, and it has already made a big breakthrough.

The so-called breakthrough is actually the introduction of 3D technology, using it to complete the production of ceramic molds, with its fine and uniformity to achieve the effect that traditional hand-made can not achieve, thus greatly improving the market efficiency of ceramic molds.

As long as you prepare a 3D engraving machine, you can accurately engrave ceramic molds. This 3D engraving machine can not only cut out the uniformity that can't be achieved by hand, but also the efficiency is several times that of traditional hand-made, greatly improving the ceramic mold production.

When operating, first make a 3D program on the computer, which is 3D drawing; after 3D drawing, you need to compile a computer programming, and then input it into the computer, so that the device can be different according to the whole size. The tool is used to engrave this figure to complete the 3D production of the ceramic mold.

As long as it is a three-dimensional graphic that can be drawn on a computer, the 3D engraving machine can be carved, which not only greatly improves the production efficiency of the ceramic mold manufacturing enterprise, but also greatly reduces the cost and shortens the production time, making the enterprise in the market. There is more advantage in the competition.