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The uniqueness and superiority of the structural design of Ceramic Lamp Holder Mold

Aug 02, 2017

Lamp holder is one of the components of the entire lamp, if the material to distinguish between the different words can be divided into many, ceramic lamp holder is one of them. Ceramic as a raw material, made by ceramic lamp holder ceramic lamp holder has a good insulation, and more high temperature and flame retardant, usually very common. 

If the plastic lamp holder is injection molding machine and the corresponding mold injection molding, then the same ceramic mold, pouring machine and ceramic lamp holder is made of casting. The whole process, in addition to equipment and raw materials, the most important is the ceramic lamp mold, it will determine the quality of the entire product, so to be a good design. 

It is understood that the structure of ceramic lamp holder mold will be based on the required product design, with a latent ceramic lamp holder mold, for example, it uses the upper and lower combination of the structure. That is, the ceramic lamp holder mold includes an upper die and a lower mold which cooperates there, and a core is provided between them, and the same is divided into an upper core and a lower core, respectively, And on the mold. 

Usually in the ceramic lamp holder mold around the core, there will be three sets of retreat slippery, they are installed in the lower mold. After further observation of the ceramic lamp holder, it is found that the bottom of the lower mold is mounted with an oil pump, and an oblique hole corresponding to the coaxial shaft is opened on the lower and lower molds so that the two can be connected by pulling the rod. 

In this way, the use of ceramic lamps on the mold of this latent oblique interpolation core, you can effectively complete the product a molding, not only simplify the processing technology, to further improve the production. In addition, in order to reduce the flow marks on the surface of the product after pouring, it is recommended to achieve a rotary ring feed through a split column.


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