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The use and superior characteristics of precision ceramic punch

Sep 12, 2018

There are many uses for precision ceramic punch, which can be used to pass longer and thinner holes; it can also be mounted on a lathe or grinder to support the workpiece and rotate the head around the conical metal round bar; Or it is used inside the mold to stabilize.


It can be seen that the precision ceramic punch is a metal part mounted on a stamping die, and is applied to direct contact with the material to deform the material and cut the material. As the core component of the stamping die work, the precision ceramic punch is to separate or plastically deform the material to obtain the required parts, which plays an important role in the matching work of the stamping die.


Since the precision ceramic punch is vacuum degassed and refined, the internal quality is extremely clean; and the machinability is good; the hardenability is good, the air cooling can be hardened, and there is no need to worry about quenching; the heat treatment deformation is very small, the quenching deviation is extremely small, the most Suitable for molds with precision requirements.


In addition, the precision ceramic punch has excellent wear resistance, so it is most suitable for use as a punching die for stainless steel or high-hardness materials. The precision ceramic punch used in high-precision molds requires very high precision and product consistency. In order to ensure good use.