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The use of Welding backing mold function and the use of the field

Sep 06, 2017

Welding backing mold in the use of its main features is the high precision, high toughness, variety, specifications, high hardness, the advantages of welding backing mold in the selection process is very convenient, the mold in the processing of its Material mainly used in its imports of high-carbon steel or stainless steel and other materials.

Welding backing mold using the above materials in its heat treatment after grinding made of high precision, high strength and good finish, toughness in use, will not be prone to break the characteristics of which high-carbon Steel material has a certain degree of flexibility. Stainless steel material is toughness is very good, not easy to break.

The product of the welding backing mold is mainly used in the field of precision machinery, metal parts, mechanical parts, measuring, electronic instruments and other fields, mold measurement gap and when the mechanical aging due to shaking, swing and instability , Can use this product to solve the problem of machine maintenance.

The welding backing mold is operable when it is easy to use, and even when a low-strength material or a thin plate is mounted on a target member such as a partition or the like, it is easy to form the mounting target member and the gasket when it is used, And a gasket for a gasket for a fuel cell or a pad for an HDD.

The welding backing molding product has a sheet-like liner mounting member having a paste function and a rubber-like elastic material-made gasket body integrally formed with the sheet-like liner mounting member, thereby forming a sheet-like liner mounting member And is attached to the mounting target member.

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