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The whole block type of hot runner plastic injection mold and precautions

May 22, 2019

When the hot runner plastic injection mold is used, its main templates include punch fixing plate, pressing plate, concave template, etc. Its structural design depends on the precision of the stamped product, the quantity of production, the processing equipment and processing method of the mold, and the maintenance of the mold. There are three forms of maintenance methods, such as: (1) one-piece, (2) yoke, and (3) inlaid.

Hot runner plastic injection mold

The monolithic formwork of the hot runner plastic injection mold is also referred to as an integral construction type, and the machined shape must be closed. The monolithic formwork is mainly used for simple structures or molds with low precision. The processing method is mainly for cutting (no heat treatment is required), and the heat treatment template must be subjected to wire cutting or electric discharge machining and grinding. In the case of a long template size (continuous mold), two or more integrated types will be used.

Yoke type of hot runner plastic injection mold

The central portion of the yoke template is processed into a groove shape to assemble a block product. The structure depends on the application requirements, and the groove portion can be formed by other templates. The advantages of the yoke formwork are that the groove portion is easy to process, the groove portion width can be adjusted, and the machining accuracy is good.

The design considerations for the yoke template of the hot runner plastic injection mold are as follows

(1) The yoke plate structure and the block part are fitted with a middle fit or a light fit. If the press fit is used, the yoke plate will be changed.

(2) The yoke plate and the retaining function of the block parts must have sufficient rigidity to withstand the side pressure and the surface pressure of the block parts. Further, in order to obtain a combination of the yoke groove portion and the block portion, the groove corner is made into a relief process, and if the yoke groove corner cannot be made into a relief process, the block portion must be formed into an escape process.

(3) The division of the block parts should take into account the shape of the interior, and the datum must be clarified. In order to prevent deformation during stamping, attention should also be paid to the shape of each block.

(4) When a plurality of block parts are incorporated into the yoke plate, the pitch is varied due to the processing error of the block parts, and the countermeasure is that the intermediate block parts are designed to be adjustable.www.yxhgmould.com