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​The workability and interchangeability of powder pressing Die

Sep 15, 2017

Powder pressing die is the main tool for powder pressing. In the process of production, the quality, safety, cost and productivity of powder metallurgy products are related. Powder metallurgy process and parts have extremely important influence.

There are many ways to press the powder pressing die, and its powder pressing mold is also varied. When used in accordance with its method of repression can be divided into complex die, fine mold, pressing die and forging mold, powder die design The basic principles are: give full play to less powder metallurgy, no cutting and forming the characteristics of the process.

The use of powder pressing die to a certain extent, effectively ensure that the blank to achieve the geometric shape and size, accuracy and surface roughness, density and distribution, the product is in particular the pressure and the thickness of the forging billet and its distribution is the mold The main technical indicators in the design.

The powder pressing die are reasonably designed to mold the mold structure and to select the material of the mold. This will allow the mold part to have a sufficiently high strength, stiffness and hardness, high wear resistance and service life when used, so that it can meet high pressure The container is safe, reliable and easy to operate.


Powder pressing die need to pay attention to the mold structure and mold parts of the workability and interchangeability, in use to effectively reduce the cost of mold manufacturing, the design step is to first understand and master the relevant design information, as a mold The design of the important basis; followed by the product requirements for material design and process design, according to product drawings for blank design or preform design, and select the press and suppression methods, design mold structure sketch.


The powder die is mainly based on the size of the blank, taking into account the size of the process changes, respectively, calculate the size of the main mold parts, generally first calculated with the cavity directly related to the size, and then in accordance with the mold assembly relationship calculation of other mold parts size; Finally draw the mold assembly drawings and parts drawings, according to various types of mold different work requirements, dimension size deviation and shape and position tolerance, and select the mold material and technical requirements.

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