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Tips for making ceramic molds for rubber gloves

Jan 03, 2019

Rubber gloves should have been seen or used, but how much does it know about its production process? I don't know if it needs to use the ceramic mold that I want to use in the production process. This is also the way rubber gloves differ from other products.

Rubber gloves need to be molded by the action of the mold, and the ceramic mold is used here. Therefore, when producing rubber gloves, it is very important to choose a good glove mold. As an industrial strength of China, ceramics is naturally at an advanced level in the production of molds.

It should be known that the quality of ceramic molds will directly affect the quality of the gloves produced in the later stage. Therefore, the manufacturer of ceramic molds is to grasp the quality of the mold itself. Because in the production process, there are many details that have a great impact on the quality of the mold.

For example, when the silica gel is mixed with the curing agent, it must be stirred evenly. If it is not evenly stirred, the ceramic mold will have a dry and uneven curing condition, which will affect the service life of the mold and the number of mold overturns, and increase the user's use cost.

After the silica gel and the curing agent are evenly stirred, when vacuuming the ceramic mold, the vacuuming time should not be too long. If the time is not properly controlled, it is easy to cure the silica gel immediately, and it is impossible to apply or infuse it, so that it can only be scrapped.

In addition, the high-strength gypsum is used as the raw material of the ceramic mold, because the high-strength gypsum stone is produced by the press, and the mold is pressed and formed by the strong pressure, which is superior in impact resistance and service life, and the cost is not too high.