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Tungsten steel mold carving processing and forging after heat treatment process

Mar 03, 2018

Tungsten steel mold carving process, which refers to the tungsten steel mold cavity surface or surface pattern, text and digital processing, tungsten steel mold engraving process, it must be engraving machine carried out above , Engraving processing is a mechanical profiling process, mechanical engraving machine is a kind of application of a more extensive profile milling machine.


When the tungsten steel mold is engraved, it will not be directly machined. It will be sculpted by the scaling ruler. The engraving machine will also be used for processing fine and small letters, numbers, graduations or different types The bump pattern pattern of special machine, then, that is, can be used in the processing of small tungsten steel mold cavity.


In the process of engraving, the tungsten steel mold can move the copying contact along the surface of the mold manually or by numerical control, and make the cutting tool perform the contour cutting on the surface of the workpiece by using the scale. Scaling scale is the ratio can be adjusted, according to the processing needs, that is, pay attention to the size of the workpiece by the scale of the workpiece to enlarge or reduce the zoom ratio is 1 or a few. Larger by the mold magnification, the more detailed carving patterns, the higher the accuracy.


Tungsten steel mold in the carving process, we actually want to pay attention to the engraving used in the carving knife is often made of high-speed steel or carbide, in order to ensure that the engraved pattern delicate and smooth, cutting edge The mouth should be sharp and sharp, carving in the processing, the general should pay attention to single blade knife, and in the process of grinding should be promptly carried out.


The first point, that is, to pay attention to the complete annealing, in general, must also be used for sub-eutectoid steel, the steel forging is heated to above Ac3 30-50 ° C, After a certain period of time to make it completely austenitic insulation, then cooled to 600 ° C with the furnace, the tungsten steel mold was baked for air cooling, then it will certainly be the balance of the organization.