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Tungsten steel mould production quality control

Mar 19, 2018

The quality of tungsten steel mold will directly affect the quality of the products. Therefore, it is very important for the production of Tungsten steel mold. The first thing to be prepared is the production equipment control elements involved, such as various hydraulic control valves, among which the directional control valves include one-way valves and directional valves; the pressure control valves include relief valves, pressure reducing valves, sequence valves, Pressure relays and so on.


About the quality control of tungsten steel mold mix production: The mix production process mainly includes three processes, namely batching, wet grinding and spray drying. Therefore, the quality control of the mixture production is actually the effective control of several key parameters of the three operation processes. This helps to ensure the final production quality of the mold.


About the processing of tungsten steel mold cores and cavities: It is usually manufactured by mechanical cutting and fitter trimming. No special processing equipment is required during the machining process. Using a general-purpose machine, most of the excess material is removed from the cavity and then trimmed by fitters. In the manufacturing process, the processing capabilities of various equipments should be fully utilized to reduce the workload of fitters as much as possible.


The last thing to notice is that the technology management of the tungsten steel mold must be oriented toward the production line. This is because the production of front-line workers is the practitioner and creator of mold making, and is the decisive factor in the efficiency and quality of mold production. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously carry out training work. The level of knowledge that should be adopted by further operators should be the fundamental measure for improving the level of technical management.


From the manufacturing point of view, the production site of tungsten steel mold is the most direct and effective platform for technology management. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the management of on-site technology. At the same time, it also needs to pay attention to the process flow and tracking of the tungsten steel mold processing, and timely handle the technical problems on the process.