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Type and use of ceramic molds

Aug 15, 2018

Ceramic molds are widely used and can be mainly divided into three types. The first type is the structural part ceramic mold, which is mainly used in some electrical equipment. Where it needs to be wear-resistant and insulated, and the amount is relatively large, the structural part ceramic will be selected, and the mold for forming the structural part is called ceramic. Structural part mold.


The second category is electronic ceramic molds, which are currently used to mold ceramic capacitors, varistors, and ceramic heaters. The third type is used for craft ceramics, usually wood molds, and generally is a mold that is not too complicated in shape and is suitable for mass production of ceramics for living and decoration.


In fact, most of the ceramic molds currently on the market are made of gypsum and can be divided into high-strength gypsum and ordinary gypsum. High-strength gypsum is mainly used in machine pressure production. Because the machine pressure has a certain pressure, the gypsum mold should have a certain impact resistance. Ordinary gypsum is mainly used for grouting and printing, and grouting and printing are not very demanding on gypsum.