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Understand zirconia mold repair technology, make better use of mold

Nov 16, 2017

Zirconia mold, the main form of failure is concerned, in fact, that is, it will include surface wear, surface peeling, there is the surface cracks, etc., most of the failure of the zirconia mold is to apply the appropriate maintenance techniques To repair, make it back to use performance. And now the application of the mold repair technology will be covered in the thermal spray, brush plating and welding and laser repair technology.


However, in fact, the face of the failure of zirconia mold in the form, we do not have to panic, because now speaking, then there is already a professional mold repair machine, the mold wear parts, it should be to pay attention must be carried out Series of non-thermal surfacing, in terms of this point, that is, to achieve the mold wear resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance and other requirements.


However, because the zirconia mold itself is very complicated manufacturing process, the production cycle is longer, the processing costs are high, especially for the precision molds or large mold manufacturing and processing fees in terms of speaking, that is, up to hundreds of thousands of dollars Even millions of dollars. Many manufacturers every year for the manufacture of molds and their maintenance costs up to tens of millions.


Precisely because of this, the early failure of zirconia mold, that is, it will cause more significant economic losses to the enterprise. Precisely because of this, the application of different technologies to repair failure of the mold, it is restored to the use of performance after the re-use, that is, to extend the service life of the mold, thereby reducing costs, followed by that will increase its economic efficiency.


Finally, the process for repairing a zirconia mold involves analyzing the cause of the repair. The next step is to develop a repair plan and method, followed by repairs and, finally, trial and verification. The first step in the process of repairing a zirconia mold is to pay attention to inspecting the mold. The last step is to pay attention to the replacement of the fitting parts, the assembly of the mold, and then the trial and verification of the mold.