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Use and characteristics of cermet hot extrusion die

Oct 18, 2018

In addition to plastic molds, metal austenitic hot extrusion dies have become more and more popular, and the basic configuration in extrusion processing is such a mold. Among the many mold products, what are the characteristics of the cermet hot extrusion die, and what is the specific use?


From the hardness of the cermet hot extrusion die, its room temperature hardness is HRA80-87, and when the die is at 1000 °C, its Vickers hardness HV exceeds 400, therefore, the cermet hot extrusion die It can be made without deformation during use, the die hole geometry is stable, and the extruded product has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.


The outstanding performance is also its anti-wear property. Under the same conditions, the roller wear test is carried out. The results show that the wear of the cermet hot extrusion die is only one-sixth of that of the hot work steel die material. In other respects, the coefficient of friction of the cermet hot extrusion die is 0.266; the coefficient of linear expansion is 11.62 x 10-6 to 12.31 x 10-6 mm/°C.


In general, the cermet hot extrusion die is a kind of good heat strength and red hardness, thermal stability; good wear resistance; no oxidation, no deformation, no hanging material when working at high temperature; precision of extrusion product A mold with advantages of high surface quality and high yield.


Therefore, cermet hot extrusion die can be widely used in hot extrusion of copper, brass, bronze, white copper and other bars, pipes, wires and profiles, and can also be used to extrude titanium, stainless steel and aluminum alloy. Very strong.