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Welding pad mold guide and accessories types

Mar 09, 2018

The welding pad mold needs to be aligned with its unit, which is also referred to as the mating guide of the mold edge part, during fabrication. To ensure the alignment of the upper and lower molds and to shorten the preparation time during use, they are manufactured in accordance with the accuracy of the product and the number of products to be manufactured.

Welding pad mold non-guided type, the main mold is installed in the process of the press will be carried out directly on the edge of its work together, do not use the guide device, the outer guide type device is the standard structure, in the use of Will be located in the mold base and the mold base, not through the template, generally known as the mold base.

The effective use of welding pad mold with its outer and inner guide and the use of such devices is the most commonly used continuous mold structure, the punch fixed plate and the pressure plate installed within the guide device. Punch and die with the use of fixed pin and the outer guide device. Another function of the inner guide is to prevent the blank from tilting and to protect the fine punch.

Under normal circumstances, the outer guide and the inner guide and use type, such a device is high precision and high speed; continuous use of the mold structure, the use of its internal guide piercing through the punch plate, die plate and the binder Board, etc., the inner guide device itself also has a combination of mold edge pieces and protect the role of small punch. The main role of the outer guide is to break down the mold and installed in the punch can get smooth purpose.

There are two types of guide ways and accessories for guide pins and guide sleeve units: 1.Outer guide type (die base or main guide), 2.Inside guide type (or auxiliary guide). In addition with the requirements of precision molds, the use of outer and inner guide and the type of high demand.