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Welding ring outlet molds specifications and the main raw material testing

Sep 30, 2017

Welding ring outlet molds in the course of the use of a welding user, in the process of production is mainly metal smelting, extrusion, drawing, ring system, bar and other processes, Welding ring outlet molds with a consumable products As well as the main raw material testing and physical and chemical testing methods, the establishment of an effective quality assurance system.

Welding ring mold in the production process of the solder melting temperature must be lower than the base metal solid line, the chemical composition often far away with the base metal, brazing slender, size precision, but the brazing strength of the majority of the mother Material itself, corrosion resistance is also poor. The brazing filler metal, such as copper and zinc material, silver brazing brazing joint strength, mainly for the connection strength requirements of the metal components.

The size of thewelding ring outlet molds needs to be effectively larger than the area of its work, in the selection of its standard template size, the location of the template locking screw configuration and mold type and template size, which single engineering mold most commonly used locking screw Arranged in the four corners, the most standard form of work area can be widely used. Long-shaped molds and continuous molds are most commonly used with locking screws arranged in four corners and intermediate positions.


In the process of designing the welding die, the mold has the punching plate, the pressing plate and the concave mold plate. The structure design is according to the precision, the production quantity, the processing equipment and the processing method of the mold, the maintenance of the mold Way, etc. There are three forms are monolithic, yoke, inlay.

The whole form of the mold is mainly used for the simple structure or the precision of the mold is not high, the processing method to the main processing (processing) No heat treatment), the use of heat treatment of the template must be implemented line cutting or EDM and grinding processing.

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