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What are the problems in the processing of Dry powder pressing mold?

Nov 02, 2017

Do you know what are the issues that need to be noticed when processing dry powder molds? To know that in the actual work, only the first full consideration, to be able to ensure that ultimately meet all the requirements. Here let us work together to understand the specific content of it!


First, before the semi-processing of the dry powder pressing mold, it is necessary to find the side datum, and to control its accuracy. Second, in the finishing process, such as the reference hole and the reference plane for the time to find, but also need to take into account the margin of the inserts are within a reasonable range. Finally, in the entire process of processing, they need to verify the accuracy and review to prevent mistakes.


In fact, in the process of processing dry powder mold,  involves a lot of theoretical knowledge. It is necessary to select the appropriate processing device according to the size and requirements of the workpiece when selecting the production equipment. It is important to note that it is advisable to preheat the hammer and hammer drill before starting forging. This will be a lot of help for later processing.


Next, it is also important to note that the preparation of the blank, but also need to choose the appropriate way to cut. In addition, should also be combined with the specific requirements of dry powder pressing mold selection of raw materials and the most suitable production process. Finally, the blank needs to be heated. Need to remind everyone that, in the heat treatment, it should be a more slow way, not rapid heating.


Otherwise it is likely to have caused the problem of burning billet. If this is the case, the blank in the furnace should be cooled in a timely manner. Finally, the dry powder pressing mold processing process also need to take into account the gap.