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What are the special features of precision ceramic punch?

Aug 30, 2017

Compared with other similar products, precision ceramic punch is the most prominent material is more advanced. The material not only has a strong fracture toughness, but also has a high bending strength and hardness, but also has excellent polishing performance. In short, with the development of the market, precision ceramic punch is gradually gaining the trust of the public customers.

So, you know in practical applications, precision ceramic punch what are the benefits? In contrast, it not only has the metal, plastic and other materials with high strength, high temperature, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and better insulation and other advantages, but also can be applied to a variety of different areas, such as electronics , Machinery, aerospace, chemical and other fields can be found in its shadow.

On the whole, in fact, precision ceramic punch than other materials in the wear resistance has a more obvious advantage, but also both corrosion-resistant, non-magnetic non-conductive and so on. In addition, it also has a good self-lubricating properties, are green products. In a certain high temperature conditions, there is no need to worry about oxidation and other issues.

We all know, in fact, with the development of science and technology and the market, no matter which industry for the future of the material requirements will be more stringent. Therefore, in the future market, the more powerful material in the competition will occupy a more favorable position. From this point of view, precision ceramic punch with its own many advantages, will inevitably play a greater role and value.

In short, this type of precision ceramic punch products with so many advantages, in the actual work can be applied to IC lead frame, connector and LED precision high-speed progressive die. It can also replace the previous tungsten steel material, which can ensure that products get more accurate size standards

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