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What is the difference between compression plastic molding and compression molding?

Oct 11, 2018

The term dry die is often mentioned. It is used in press molding of pressure molding or in the production of compression molding machines. In fact, it is only necessary to learn to distinguish the pressures involved in these two types of equipment. Plastic molds and stampers can be known.


The compression plastic molding mold directly adds the plastic raw material into the open mold cavity, closes the mold, the plastic becomes flowing under the action of heating and pressure, and fills the cavity, and then the product is hardened and shaped by chemical crosslinking or physical cooling.


The mold used in this method is a so-called compression plastic molding mold, which is molded with a few thermosetting plastics and can also be used for thermoplastic molding. The stamper is a mold used in the plastic processing process in which the plastic or rubber compound is molded into a product by heating and pressurization in a closed cavity.


 Generally, powders, granules, granules, flakes, and even preforms similar in shape to the product are placed in the cavity of the heated mold, and then closed mold is pressed to form and solidify or vulcanize. The product is obtained by demolding. This method is particularly suitable for the forming of thermosetting plastics.


There are some defects in this molding method, that is, the production cycle is long, the efficiency is low, and the dimensional accuracy of the product is poor. Therefore, when processing the product, the processing technology and the corresponding mold must be correctly selected to obtain an efficient and precise processing effect.