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what's pay attention of powder pressing mold to suppress

Feb 08, 2018

In the process of powder mold for pressing, because the powder material is not easy to shape, the pressure ball machine in the process of pressing the mold, a slight mistake will lead to give up, the dry powder press mold pressure ball machine equipment since After the start of production, it must solve the powder molding problem that has plagued the manufacturers all the time, but because the material can not add water, it will be more difficult to suppress it.


 Powder pressing mold during pressing, you will find dry powder molding, troubled by the first problem is the viscosity between dry powder is not enough, it is difficult to suppress them together to form a shape, let alone to become a mold. In order to solve this problem, we actually must also need to increase the viscosity of the material, the viscosity of which we can also be understood as the density of the material.


The first method is through the admixture, refers to the daily production and life which we call the binder, but because of the wide range of adhesives, when making the choice, pay attention not to You can blindly choose, because the adhesive production will be based on the characteristics of a particular material to carry out a special, this time, that is, to pay attention to find a regular development unit to do the test, so that you can guarantee results.


To ensure the quality of the powder compaction mold press molding, the second way, it must also be careful to change the chemical and physical state between materials, this time, it must also be careful to change the density of the material between the molecules, so The one hand, that is, it will be more conducive to the degree of bonding between materials.


To ensure the quality of press molding of dry pressed molds, we must pay attention to the fact that it is difficult to change the molecular structure of the material due to a single press. It is also because of this that we are under a conservative condition, that is, Press the way to suppress the material twice, this way for the dry pressed powder mold pressing the quality of products will appear more appropriate.