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Zirconia Ceramic dry pressing die and finish with the situation affect the quality of molding

Nov 13, 2017

[Overview] Zirconia ceramic dry pressing molding quality requirements for zirconia Ceramic dry pressing die is relatively high, the first point is concerned, we actually require the mold itself is the hardness that is to pay attention to meet certain requirements. Because zirconia stabilizer particles on the relatively small, poor fluidity, but also precisely because of this, for zirconia ceramic dry pressing mold requirements will be higher.


When it does not reach the desired finish, it is, to a large extent, a stratification that, in the light of the effects of material flow on dry pressing. At the same time, if the zirconia Ceramic dry pressing die is not good, the gap will be larger, because the zirconia powder fine particles, when pressed powder out of the mold gap which, it will Resulting in less powder around the mold, this way, the suppression can not be around when the compaction, the last is because there will be inconsistent pressure transmission will be stratified, it is precisely because of this, with the requirements of the mold also Will be higher.



Zirconia Ceramic dry pressing die stripping mode and stripping speed that will affect the quality of its molding.


Zirconia ceramic dry-pressed molding demolding, generally speaking, is to use the tool directly to put the body from the zirconia ceramic dry mold cavity which top out, demolding speed is to pay attention to maintain a uniform and slow, if Do not pay attention that will lead to blank body cracking phenomenon. Practice shows that in the demolding time, demolding tools to maintain a flat, otherwise it will cause uneven body stress that is, there will be cracking phenomenon.


Finally, the pressure on the zirconia ceramic dry mold pressure and dwell time also need to pay attention to, if the pressure rate and dwell time control is not good, it is to a large extent that will lead to the emergence of zirconia blanks Stratification and other related defects. Zirconia Ceramic dry pressing die dwell time should also be maintained evenly, otherwise it will lead to inconsistencies in product thickness, and then there will be waste.