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Zirconia ceramic knife mold upside down and product quality influence

Dec 23, 2017

Now with the continuous development of its modern industry, more and more of its products rely on the mold processing, the mold industry has become the basis for industrial development, the quality of zirconia ceramic knife mold directly affects the quality of the product, the quality of the mold Not only reflected in the quality of manufacturing, but also in the performance of the installation and maintenance follow-up work quality.

Zirconia ceramic knife mold in the process of processing and quality control, in the use of the need to take appropriate measures, so that you can to some extent to eliminate the occurrence of similar incidents.

Zirconia ceramic knife mold in the production process is mainly used in its inversion method is the main body of the original object after the end of the spinning, we can invert the bottom of the mouth on the plane of the center of the car, and then use the gypsum slurry Firm and firm. After the carcass to be inverted is completely solid, we can request the bottom of the sharpener according to the design.

The entire gas of zirconia ceramic knife mold is placed flat on the spin car chassis, in use only by the bottom of the gas gypsum slurry adhesion. Therefore, when we use the rotary knife to gently slide the knife tip, and eat a certain amount of knife must be less, the speed of the car should be adjusted to less than half the usual, and to be very patient operation. Otherwise, an inattentive will come to naught.

Zirconia ceramic knife mold After the carcass of the utensil body is cut and finished, we can use the smaller specifications of the rotary knife in the bottom of the bottom of the bottom in accordance with its design requirements to the inside of the upper turning, until the middle part of the diameter of the parent can not support the carcass Stable to stop, then gently saw the carcass with a knife.http://www.yxhgmould.com/