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Zirconia ceramic tube processing detailed introduction

Nov 20, 2017

Zirconia ceramic tube weather ability is extremely strong, in terms of this point, we actually have to pay attention to its own on the outside world for the resilience of the climate is relatively strong, with resistance to sun, acid rain corrosion, and its performance is very Stable, the surface of the zirconia ceramic tube and the cutting edge do not need to add paint or protective layer, so as to finish the glazing directly on it.


Zirconia ceramic tube is industrial Al2O3, in fact, refers to the bauxite (Al2O3? 3H2O) and its diaspore prepared, in this regard, we actually will find itself in terms of view, for High purity of Al2O3, under normal circumstances, that is, chemical methods will be prepared. And in terms of its molding, the main will include extrusion, isostatic pressing, grouting and dry pressing, high temperature calcined after injection, but will be different from the general ceramic tube.


Zirconia ceramic tube in the calcination time will be added zirconia, silicon oxide and silicon nitride and other powder composite ceramic. As far as these materials are concerned, to a large extent, the hardness and the strength of the ceramic tube itself are substantially increased, and in comparison with other traditional ceramic tubes, we actually notice that Alumina ceramic pipe water absorption is low, the technology is more advanced, low cost, relatively large brittleness.


And the zirconia ceramic itself melting point, hardness, strength and toughness, and its biggest feature is its high hardness.


Finally, the specific heat capacity of raw materials used in zirconia ceramic tubes and their low thermal conductivity, can form oxygen vacancy defects such as solid solution characteristics, in terms of these, we actually should pay attention that it is widely used as structural ceramics and Its functional ceramics, more commonly, include knives and their mechanical components and advanced refractory materials. In this case, zirconia ceramic tube can be considered a new product.