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China's Ceramic Products Mold Production Industry Must Actively Cultivate Export Bases And Key Export Enterprises

Jul 03, 2017

China's ceramic products mold production industry must actively cultivate export bases and key export enterprises

Rail transit, aerospace, new energy, medical equipment, building materials and other industries will also bring a huge market for the manufacture of ceramic products. Medical devices, for example, currently account for only 2 percent of the world's total, and the consumption of drugs and medical devices is 2.5 to 1, while the developed countries are 1:1. The average annual cost per person in the United States for medical plastics is $300, compared with just 30 yuan in China, which is a huge potential for development.

In the international market, due to the continuous improvement of industrial labor costs in developed countries, forcing them to reduce production costs and propelling the ceramic mold production to developing countries, especially like our country have a good technical basis for developing countries. The trend of the manufacture of ceramic products in China is still developing in China, and the development of international emerging markets is also very promising. However, the demand of the market in the development of the mould production of ceramic products is increasing. Such as automobile lightweight, smart forming, emerging industries such as new energy, aerospace, biomedical, rail transportation, the smart grid is "twelfth five-year" during the development of the national key, around these key needed for the ceramic mold production nature is also focus on the development of ceramic mold production industry, many of them need to be newly developed, many of the techniques to breakthrough. This is to promote the improvement of the overall level of the industry.

"The service life of the Mold Production Of Ceramic Productsamic products low precision die life generally only 1/3 of the foreign advanced level, the production cycle is long, poor quality reliability and stability were long plagued the development of the industry problems to be solved next step." Mold Production Of Ceramic Products International mold association secretary general luo hui said, our country in the research and development capabilities, staff quality, production of ceramic mold design and manufacturing of the basis of the theory and technology research and so on, also there is a big gap caused by the ceramic mold production in the field of new exploration and development of new products on a slower, the proportion of high technical content of ceramic mold production abroad are also much lower about 60% or so, less than 40% in China.

Ceramic mold production export topped $100 million we used ten years, from $100 million to $1 billion for seven years, now exports is close to $2 billion, to say the ceramic mold production industry in China has considerable basis. To achieve the goal of doubling the five-year export target for the five-year plan, he stressed that export bases and key export enterprises must be actively cultivated. Of course expand foreign trade, export development, not just in order to achieve the export target of $4 billion, but more important is to through the completion of the task to implement the line with the international market, to promote our country ceramics mold comprehensive level of production technology and industry.

According to the current development situation at home and abroad, it is time to put "scale effect" on the agenda. International has built up a lot of output value of more than $100 million of hot runner ceramic mold manufacturing enterprises, Mold Production Of Ceramic Products the largest ceramic mould of hot flow path production enterprise has grown into multinational group, the annual output of up to $4 billion (including ceramic mould of hot flow path and hot runner ceramic mold production related products). There have been a number of enterprises with annual output of more than 100 million yuan. These enterprises play an important role in promoting the development of the mould production industry of hot runner ceramic products. During the eleventh five-year plan period, we should focus on the development of a number of "leading enterprises" with the support of the state. Therefore, it is hoped that a small number of hot-flow ceramic products mold production key projects will be included in the national plan, which will become a national special project, and the policy will be tilted to it.

At present,Mold Production Of Ceramic Products the industrial structure of hot flow-channel ceramic die production industry is not reasonable. The main performances are organizational structure, product structure,Mold Production Of Ceramic Products technical structure and import and export structure. During the eleventh five-year plan period, we should take active measures to adjust and rationalize them under the guidance of relevant policies. Encourages specialization, commercialization of production, for example, encourage large, precision,Mold Production Of Ceramic Products complex, long-life hot runner ceramic mold production and hot runner ceramic mold production standard parts production, encourage advocate complementary separation, production of ceramic mould of hot flow path from affiliated to independent production.