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Dry Powder Pressing Mold Because Of Flatness Is Not Enough To Produce Deflection

Jun 16, 2017

Dry Powder Pressing Mold because of flatness is not enough to produce deflection

In short, we actually have to pay attention to the dry powder to suppress the working parts on the surface quality of the pros and cons, and dry powder mold mold wear resistance and its anti-fracture ability, there is its anti-sticking ability is actually There will be a particularly close relationship, it is precisely because of this, it is actually a direct impact on the mold itself, a service life.


In summary, we actually have to pay attention to the surface roughness value, it is for the dry powder mold life of the impact of particularly large. Because of its surface roughness value is too large, in the work of the time, it is actually will produce stress concentration phenomenon, and, in terms of its peak, the valley is concerned, in fact, it will be easier to produce cracks in the To a large extent affected the die itself, a durability, but also directly affect the corrosion resistance of the workpiece surface, but also affect the die life and accuracy.


It is precisely because of these reasons, we actually have to pay attention to its work in the dry powder mold parts processing time, some must prevent the grinding surface of the phenomenon of burned parts, then speak, we actually should be Is to strictly control the grinding process conditions and process methods, the more common in fact refers to the hardness of the wheel and its size, and, in fact, refers to the coolant and its feed and a series of parameters.


In the processing process, we should pay attention to prevent the dry powder mold parts on the surface to leave a knife marks, sandwich or crack, impact scars and a series of macroscopic defects.


For the existence of these defects on the dry powder mold, in a certain extent, it will cause stress concentration, this time, in fact, it will become a source of fracture, resulting in early failure of the mold; dry powder mold parts in terms of , We can actually use grinding, grinding or polishing and other finishing and fine processing methods to improve the life of the mold itself.