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Dry Powder Pressing Mold To Consider When Designing A Lot Of Problems

Nov 06, 2017

Dry Powder Pressing Mold to consider when designing a lot of problems
First of all, we actually have to pay attention to, in the casting mold, we mainly consider, in fact, that is, will include the casting process and casting production conditions, in its multiple circumstances, the dry powder compacting Mold design is the most complex, the mold itself, but also most of the need for a combination of many parts.
Dry Powder Pressing Mold design, first of all, in fact, we actually should pay attention to the appearance and the location of the die on the die and its size is not able to meet the requirements of the casting process diagram, then we actually want to Take a look at its amount of sand is not appropriate; take a look at the layout of the template and the direction is not consistent with the dimensioning, take a look at it will not affect our combined requirements.
In addition, on the other hand, when the dry pressed powder mold design, there are molding machines, we actually should pay attention to the height of the template should be calculated from a good height of the relationship between die height; in the direct casting, In fact, we should try to design as close to the pouring side, to facilitate our pouring.
Dry Powder Pressing Mold design, we actually have to look at for a variety of positioning is not appropriate, take a look at its live block and its baffle loading and unloading is not convenient; under normal circumstances, we actually Is to pay attention to its template will be made hollow, however, in terms of its premise, in fact, it should be to ensure its strength, look at the design of our ribs is not appropriate.
Finally, on the design of dry pressed molds, we actually have to cast the rough castings first, and then, in fact, should be machined; for dry pressed mold design, we actually should It is important to note its casting causes and to look at the material's lack of anisotropy.
Dry Powder Pressing Mold in the design, the mold strength is not enough, in addition, in fact, is because of its relatively close knife edge, there is because of the mold structure is unreasonable, the template is not enough number of blocks, there is nothing Pad pad foot, or because of its mold orientation and the gap is not reasonable, it will lead to dry powder compression mold burst.
For the dry pressing of the mold layout and take the edge, when it encountered an unreasonable reciprocating feeding and its nesting method, there is a relatively small when the value of the border, to a certain extent, that is, will be direct Resulting in a sharp mold wear or convex, die on the bite damage. This time, in fact, we should also pay attention to should be reasonable to choose the nesting method and take the edge value, in this case, that is, it can improve the mold life itself.
The accuracy of the guide mechanism of the Dry Powder Pressing Mold, when it has more accurate and reliable guidance, reduces the wear on the working parts of the mold and avoids the appearance of convex and concave mold bites. In fact, For its no gap and small gap blanking die, there is the case of its composite mold and multi-stage progressive die speaking, in fact, it will be more effective.
In order to improve its life on the mold, we actually should pay attention to should be based on the nature of the process and parts accuracy and other requirements to choose, then say, we actually should pay attention to must be to choose the right Guidance forms and should be to a certain extent, directly on the guide mechanism to determine the accuracy.
Next, in fact, we should pay attention to the cutting process of the Dry Powder Pressing Mold, and manually cut the wire or cut the gap in the wire, or, that is, because it does not make any angle and The line cutting of the metamorphic layer of influence, then our dry powder compression mold in the actual use of the time, that is, will be more prone to blasting danger.