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For The Hot Pressing Grouting Mold Does Not Appear In The Case Of Rubber

Aug 22, 2017

For the Hot Pressing Grouting Mold does not appear in the case of rubber

 For Hot Pressing Grouting Mold technology, it is actually a kind of metal material manufacturing, and in terms of its great aspect, it can in fact can not replace it with a unique advantage and its other manufacturing Methods for common development. In terms of its Hot Pressing Grouting Mold technology, we will briefly introduce it.

    On its Hot Pressing Grouting Mold technology, it and other metallurgical technology to compare it, it is relatively low cost, and then on its processing margin is also less, then, we also want to It is relatively high in terms of its utilization of raw materials, and it can produce a series of other methods such as porous materials that can not be produced or are difficult to produce.

     Hot pressing grouting die metal powder and its non-metallic powder, the mixture molding, and its sintering to directly prepare a powder metallurgy material technology. For its powder forming, it is actually a powder material preparation process of a basic process. In terms of its mold design, it is to be as close as possible to a shape of our products.

     The design of its Hot Pressing Grouting Mold should also be reasonable, and on its surface is to maintain a smooth, and then we have to reduce the stress concentration, for its green billet and cracking to avoid. For its mold itself, in fact, it is to have a certain degree of strength to directly guarantee the number of times to suppress it, so it will not be prone to deformation of the situation.

    For the main parts of the hot-press grouting mold design, that is, it will include the female mold and the core and die. In terms of its Hot Pressing Grouting Mold design, we first want to manufacturers directly to provide product map, and then is to determine its shape of a way, followed by, we also want to collect a basic design of the compact to Which counted a compact of its size.

For Hot Pressing Grouting Mold, if it is not the phenomenon of non-gel, we have to know to see it's shot coil electromagnetic coil is not the phenomenon of burning, or there are foreign objects into our direction of the valve, Moreover, the card is moving with the spool, or will be for the plastic injection valve to be replaced; or, for hot pressing grouting mold pressure is too low, but also to increase the pressure of injection can be.

For the Hot Pressing Grouting Mold does not appear to the case of plastic injection molding into the temperature is relatively low, this time is to adjust the thermometer for our temperature directly to the requirements of the point can be raised. But adjust the thermometer or can not increase its temperature, it is necessary to check the electric heater and the fuse to see if it is not burned or loose phenomenon, if it has been broken, but also to be replaced in a timely manner of.

For the hot press grouting mold, its sol screw rotates, and in terms of its compound, it can not enter the barrel. In general, the back pressure of the sol after its sol is relatively high, it is necessary to adjust or replace the sol backpressure valve when it is damaged or improperly adjusted.

Hot Pressing Grouting Mold of the shooting station does not move the phenomenon, then, for its shooting table limit limit stroke switch is concerned, it will be adjusted to hit the block pressure, then the direct adjustment can be; for the shooting table The solenoid valve coil is also possible to have burned out or there is a foreign object into the direction of the valve to carry the card to move the spool, then we need to clean its solenoid valve or replace.

When the shot of the Hot Pressing Grouting Mold can not move, the speed of the advancement of the shooting table is checked to see if the pressure is not suitable for the adjustment. In addition, the I / O board of the hot- , The direction of its valve output voltage is to be checked to see if it is not normal, if it is not normal, it should be the output of the transistor or relay, etc. to see if it is not already damaged.