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High-precision Hot-press Grouting Valve Film Mold Injection Molding Operation

Mar 16, 2018

The so-called injection molding, in fact, refers to the use of high-precision hot-press injection valve film mold moisture absorption characteristics, so that the slurry is adsorbed on the wall of the high-precision hot-press grouting valve film mold to form a uniform layer of mud, within a certain period of time Once the desired thickness is reached, the excess mud is dumped, and the remaining mud in the mold slowly solidifies as it gradually absorbs.


After drying and volume shrinkage, it is detached from the high-precision hot-press grouting valve film mold to obtain a good rough blank. In this process, we must first prepare the required molds and complete the clean-up work. The staff needs to check the new model according to the standard. The oily and incomplete areas on the inner surface of the model should be cleaned up in advance. Usually the new model has a moisture content of 6-8%, but the shape of the complex is small and thin can be higher, otherwise it can be lower, and the minimum is not less than 4%.


With respect to the drying of high-precision hot-press grouting valve film mold products, the temperature of the room is usually controlled between 28 and 35 degrees, which can prevent the products from being deformed due to uneven drying. It is important to remember that the lime soil and other impurities attached to the model must be removed before use so that the model can be tightly integrated.


At the same time, it also helps to strengthen the adhesion of the blank on the high-precision hot-press grouting valve film die, which is conducive to preventing contamination of the blank by impurities. The mud to be used shall be free of mud and impurities in the slurry, and water shall not be added arbitrarily. After the vacuum filter is injected into the grouting pipe.


Normally, the moisture content of the green body should be controlled between 19% and 20% during demolding, usually when the grouting port of the high-precision hot-press grouting valve film mold is separated from the green body by 0.5 to 1 mm. The mold can be opened in reversed mold order and the body carefully removed. Remember that after the blank leaves the high-precision hot-press grouting valve film mold, it should be kept clean to avoid contamination of the green body.