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Hot Pressing Grouting Mold Used When The Mold Caused A Burst

Jun 16, 2017

Hot Pressing Grouting Mold used when the mold caused a burst

In terms of hot pressing grouting mold, we actually will note that because of its stamping process is not the same, in fact, in fact, because the working conditions of hot pressing grouting die is not the same, resulting in mold burst In fact, there are many reasons. Next, let's take a brief look at the cause of the burst and the precautions and precautions.


When the hot-pressing grouting mold burst phenomenon, it may be because of its mold material is not good, in simple terms, in fact, because it is in the subsequent processing which is more prone to fragmentation of the situation. In other words, for different materials of the mold, its life is often not the same. It is precisely because of this, for its die work on the parts of the material, we actually have a certain request.


To avoid the phenomenon of bursting of hot-pressing grouting mold, first of all, in terms of the performance of its material, it is in fact a high hardness (58-64HRC) and high strength, and in fact, we also It is necessary to pay attention to, to a certain extent, it will have a high wear resistance and sufficient toughness, its heat treatment deformation is small, that is, there will be a certain degree of thermal hard.


To avoid the phenomenon of hot-pressing grouting mold burst, we actually have to pay attention should be to ensure that its process performance is good. For the work of the die parts for processing, in fact, it will be more complex, it is precisely because of this, we actually have to note that it is actually should be for the different types of processing technology on the adaptability.


In order to avoid hot-pressing grouting mold burst phenomenon caused by heat treatment, in fact, there will be malleable, Moreover, it is actually there will be machinability and its hardenability, Moreover, we actually will be Note that the hot press injection mold is in fact there will be hardenability and quenching crack sensitivity and grinding and other aspects.