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Hot Pressing Grouting Mold What Changes Will Occur During Forging

Oct 13, 2017

Under normal circumstances, Hot Pressing Grouting Mold brittle cutting effect, in fact, much better than plastic, and can more easily meet the relevant processing requirements, but for the same material, in the metallographic structure, if it is more Small words, then the better, this point in the industry are more recognized.
First, Hot Pressing Grouting Mold In the forging equipment, if it is based on the weight of the forging classification, then it is best to use tonnage larger mold or equipment, and in forging before the use of hammer or hammer drill Mold preheating in advance to ensure the good operation of the production process.
Second, Hot Pressing Grouting Mold in the preparation of the billet powder, the blank at the time of cutting, it is best to carry out cold saw, and according to Hot Pressing Grouting Mold different requirements, in the choice of raw materials, should be selected in accordance with the level , Different materials using different molds, so that the processing will be more accurate.
Third, Hot Pressing Grouting Mold billet heating, the heating of the blank, it is best to slow to prevent the rapid heating of the way to avoid the phenomenon of burning, and in the heating process, the temperature should not limit the lower limit , If the case of burning, it should be the first to cool it and then forging.
If you are heating a number of Hot Pressing Grouting Mold, you must ensure that there is a certain clearance between each piece and each piece, and that the parts must be flipped throughout the heating process to ensure that There will be no bonding between each other to ensure that the product processing and use of normal.
The Hot Pressing Grouting Mold after cutting is still poor in profile and shape, and there is a big difference between the contours made with the pure structure, mainly because the plasticity is severe after the cutting process Of the deformation, and we in the cutting time, the choice of the tool is also more important.
Because the different tools in the precision, as well as fine cutting high and low speed will have an impact, it is serious will affect the normal use of Hot Pressing Grouting Mold. If the brittle Hot Pressing Grouting Mold material is processed, then the rate of cutting is not significant for roughness.
For Hot Pressing Grouting Mold, if it is not the phenomenon of non-gel, we have to know that it is not seen that the coil of the electromagnetic system is not burned, or there are foreign objects into our directional valve, and then It is the card spool to move, or will be for the plastic injection valve replacement; or, for the Hot Pressing Grouting Mold pressure is too low, but also to increase the pressure of injection can be.
For Hot Pressing Grouting Mold does not appear in the case of plastic injection, the injection of the temperature is relatively low, this time is to adjust the thermometer for our temperature directly to the requirements of the point on it. But adjust the thermometer or can not increase its temperature, it is necessary to check the electric heater and the fuse to see if it is not burned or loose phenomenon, if it has been broken, but also to be replaced in a timely manner of.
For Hot Pressing Grouting Mold, its sol screw rotates and, in the case of its compound, it can not enter the barrel. In general, the back pressure of the sol after its sol is relatively high, it is necessary to adjust or replace the sol backpressure valve when it is damaged or improperly adjusted.
Hot Pressing Grouting Mold's shooting station does not move the phenomenon of words, for its shot limit limit stroke switch is concerned, but also will be adjusted to block the ball, then the direct adjustment can be; for the shooting table moving electromagnetic The valve coil is also possible to have burned out or there is a foreign object into the direction of the valve to carry the card to move the spool, then, we need to its solenoid valve cleaning or replacement.
When the shooting of the Hot Pressing Grouting Mold does not move, the speed of the advancement of the shoot is checked and the pressure is not suitable for the adjustment. For the Hot Pressing Grouting Mold, The direction of the valve output voltage is to be checked to see if it is not normal, if it is not normal, it should be the output of the transistor or relay, etc. to see if it is not already damaged.