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How To Maintain The Dry Powder Pressing Mold?

Jul 11, 2017

How to maintain the Dry Powder Pressing Mold?

Purpose: to ensure optimum performance of equipment and prolong service life to ensure normal production.

2. Scope of application: apply dry powder to the maintenance and maintenance of molds.

3. Check and maintain regularly: it is necessary to maintain and check the mould maintenance and the upper and lower molds by dry powder.

Daily routine inspection and maintenance:

1.1 whether the dry powder in operation is in normal condition

A. whether there is low pressure lock mode protection;

B. If the activity part is like guide column, top rod, the line bit is worn, is lubrication good? Ask for at least 12 hours of oil, and special structures to increase the number of refueling times.

C. Whether the screws and clamping clamps of the fixed template of the Dry Powder Pressing Mold are loose;

1.2 production normal condition: check whether the defect of the product is related to the Dry Powder Pressing Mold;

1.3 machine to Dry Powder Pressing Mold to conduct a comprehensive inspection and antirust processing, wipe dry line cavity, core and ejector mechanism and a water spray and powder pressing mould rust inhibitor or in areas such as the butter.

1.4 the dry powder of the lower machine shall be placed in the designated place and record: (1) dry powder to suppress the mold condition: intact or to be repaired. (2) anti-rust treatment of the underdie.

2. Routine checks per season:

It is mainly for cleaning and maintenance of dry powder that has not been used for more than two months.

2. Open the dry powder to suppress the mould, check the internal anti-rust effect, and have abnormal condition, and must be reprocessed. The Dry Powder Pressing Mold, which has not been used for a long time, should be applied with butter.

2.2 put back in situ and record well.

Iv. Maintenance considerations:

1. Non-professional maintenance personnel or unprofessional maintenance personnel shall not be allowed to remove mold and repair.

The production process has a small failure, and the personnel can be solved according to the situation. For example: 2.1 injection mold: apply the copper needle to the feed nozzle, and not use hard objects such as steel needles to beat the mold. 2.2 minor cavity mould mark, can choose according to cavity surface polishing materials. Such as grain surface cannot use sand paper polishing materials, usually with copper brush dips in diamond paste or scrub, king kong mortar performed by professional maintenance personnel. 2.3 product adhesion: the product and the top part of the product are usually covered by hot plastic wrap. If the fire is burned, do not damage the surface of the mold.

3. When the professional maintenance of dry powder presses the mould, the structure must not be changed at will, and the structure must be approved by the quality engineering department before it can be carried out.

4. Ensure the quality of maintenance, select the appropriate equipment, materials, tools and methods to solve the problems, and complete them as soon as possible.

The maintenance content of Dry Powder Pressing Mold is divided into:

1.0 pre-production Dry Powder Pressing Mold maintenance

It is necessary to remove grease from the surface of the molds, and rust to clean up the cooling water holes of the molds, whether there is a foreign body or not.

1.2 it is necessary to check whether the arc in the adhesive sleeve of the mould is damaged or whether there are residual foreign objects. Whether the moving parts are abnormal and whether the movements are smooth or not.

The maintenance of Dry Powder Pressing Mold in 2.0 production

2.1 check every day all the guidance of dry powder guide pin, guide sleeve is damage, including Dry Powder Pressing Mold guide pin. All parts, such as work on the oil regularly, to maintain twice a day.

2.2 clean and Dry Powder Pressing Mold parting surface and exhaust slot eyewinker rubber wire, foreign material, oils, etc and check whether Dry Powder Pressing Mold thimble exception and preview on a regular basis. Parting surface, groove surface cleaning twice a day. Guide tip, bushing, position determination tip for oil daily.

2.3 regularly check whether the water of the dry powder is unimpeded, and tighten all the fastening screws.

2.4 check whether the limit switch of the Dry Powder Pressing Mold is abnormal and slanting. Whether the inclined top is abnormal.

3. Maintenance of Dry Powder Pressing Mold

3.1 must be closed before shutdown cooling waterway, blowing off the powder to suppress the mould waterway over the water, to check whether there is residual powder pressing mould surface glue, foreign bodies such as the clean up after evenly sprayed rust inhibitor, accurately fill in relevant records.