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How To Reduce The Dry Powder Pressing Mold In China?

Jul 03, 2017

How to reduce the Dry Powder Pressing Mold in China?

Every year since 2000, China's dry powder pressing die steel dosage is close to 2 million tons, with imports accounted for about 600000 tons of steel demand, but the actual imported steel is less than 100000 tons, so, the 500000 tons of steel imports come from? Nowadays, the competition of dry powder in China is becoming increasingly fierce, and a once-in-a-century financial crisis has made the situation worse. Dry Powder Pressing Mold The dry powder compels the mould manufacturer to take various measures to reduce the cost, but the cost of dry powder to suppress die steel has been high. Reflected in two aspects:

One, to find a win 100, dragon to wait to buy quality relatively safeguard, but the price is too high.

Second, find two - three supplier, the price is cheap on the surface, Dry Powder Pressing Mold the delivery is very timely, but often appear material abnormality. The cost is higher, and the delivery is delayed and the consequences cannot be estimated. Does China really have tens of thousands of imported dry powder pressing steel agents and dealers? Why don't they provide the certificate and relevant documents? Why is it that the quality is so good when you start working together that you won't be able to do it for a while? Why is the price difference of a brand of dry powder? What's the secret? If you look at this email, you can understand the current situation of China's dry powder suppression mold steel.

With the constant improvement of the dry powder pressing die steel smelting and technology of China, more due to some big steel mill introduced from abroad advanced production lines, Dry Powder Pressing Mold our country has had the smelting quality of dry pressing die steel technology and equipments. Foreign famous steel mills and the agent in order to reduce the cost to increase capacity, the domestic steel mills and became their foundries, production of dry powder pressing die steel sales on logo directly on the mainland, some shipped to Hong Kong and Taiwan... So the so-called import steel is mostly "MADEINCHINA".

Due to domestic production of dry powder pressing die steel enterprise is numerous, in order to reduce costs, enhance the competitiveness of industry, at the same time satisfy the general requirements of dry powder pressing mould a lot of demand for steel, the steel mills tend to produce lower electric furnace steelmaking, the proportion of electroslag remelting is small, the electric furnace refined steel flowed to the tens of thousands of dry powder pressing die steel companies in China. Dry Powder Pressing Mold Uneven distribution of these products are often organization, coarse grains, material composition is not up to standard, often appear crack, sand holes and hemp dot, processing after deformation, burst, or dry powder pressing problems such as short service life of die, the precision is more on the dry powder pressing mould production accident frequently. So many units used idea change, from the original think price can be cheaper to a win, dragon and other agents to buy, but also faced with increased costs, payment period short, such as after-sales service unsatisfactory situation.

As is known to all, Dry Powder Pressing Mold in a dry powder pressing mould factory, the mould is a more difficult to manage department, mould master belong to the "personality" is a lot of technical personnel, the mould department, the management of technical guidance, not only should do the same and have to deal with heavy personnel management and work arrangement. So, most of the managers or supervisors we see are very "busy". Why are they so busy? Every day because they constantly to deal with the boss, sales department, customer asked by dry powder pressing mould schedule problems, must spend more than half the time each day to the supervision of the dry powder pressing mould manufacturing progress. Dry Powder Pressing Mold A: why don't we take a combination of the boss, the business department, and the clients? In fact, we found the following.