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Mold Production Of Ceramic Products Technology Development In The Three-dimensional Design Status Is Very Good

Jun 16, 2017

Mold Production Of Ceramic Products technology development in the three-dimensional design status is very good

 Speaking of ceramic products in the production of three-dimensional design is concerned, it is actually digital mold technology on the important content, in terms of this aspect, it is actually in order to achieve the Mold Production Of Ceramic Products design and manufacturing and testing one The basis of the. Japan's Toyota and its US General Motors and other companies, it is actually will have been achieved on the mold of the three-dimensional design, and will achieve a better application effect.

     In terms of foreign countries, ceramic products in the production of three-dimensional design which, it is taken in some of the practice is worthy of our reference. In terms of mold three-dimensional design itself, it is in addition to its own to achieve integrated manufacturing, the other one of its advantages, in fact, it is easy to interfere with the inspection, so that is, in fact, can be directly on the movement On the interference analysis, to solve its own two-dimensional design of a difficult problem.

     Ceramic products die in the production of stamping, it is actually simulating the role of CAE, so that, in fact, it will be more prominent. On the recent point of view, in fact, it will be with the computer software and hardware on the rapid development of its stamping process CAE simulation technology is actually will directly play an increasingly important role.

     In the United States, Japan, Germany and a series of developed countries, in terms of CAE technology, in fact, it will have become a mold design and manufacturing of the necessary links, so that, in fact, is used to predict the formation of defects, Then, in fact, it will be directly to optimize its stamping process and mold structure.

     In this way, for improving the reliability of ceramic mold design, and its reduced test time. CAE technology is widely used, in fact, it will greatly reduce the cost of its test mode, so that in fact, it will shorten the production of stamping Mold Production Of Ceramic Products cycle, has been directly to ensure that we mold quality On the important means.

Ceramic products die production of digital technology development in terms of words, in fact, is to use 3D mold structure design, directly to replace the traditional one 2D design; ceramic products for the production of digital technology in this aspect of the development of the words, we In fact, it is necessary to pay attention to, for its mold manufacturing process is concerned, it is actually a direct use of CAPP or CAM and CAT technology.