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Powder Metallurgy Mold Insulation Panels

Dec 28, 2016

Material by glass fiber material and high heat sex of composite synthesis, not containing on human harmful asbestos ingredients, has high of mechanical performance and between electric performance, better of heat sex and resistance tide sex, has good of processing sex, hot conduction rate low, resistance high temperature can up 250 degrees (220 degrees, 300 degrees), high flat degrees, in high temperature Xia has excellent of anti-bent strength.

Mainly used for plastic molds, injection molds, injection mould for rubber, vulcanized rubber industry machines, molding machines, hydraulic presses, shoe machine, machinery manufacture, injection molding machines, hot runner systems, electrical, silicone mold, magnesium, zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting molds, General Engineering, electrical appliances, solar power plants and so on.