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Production Of Ceramic Products Mold Production Of A Method

Jun 05, 2017

Production of ceramic products mold production of a method, containing ceramic raw materials into the mold slurry, to produce ceramic mold production of a method. In particular, the method of the present invention is very suitable for the production of a ceramic product mold having a complicated configuration and uneven wall thickness, such as impellers of turbochargers for motor vehicles, impellers of gas turbine engines, and the like.

  Production of ceramic products, the typical production method is to mold the slurry containing raw materials into a mold. And to cure. The mold used for such a typical method is completely made of a water-absorbing material so that the water in the slurry can be absorbed onto the entire inner surface of the mold. This method is difficult to produce products with complex configurations and uneven wall thickness, such as impellers for turbochargers for motor vehicles, or impellers for gas turbine engines. If the above-mentioned articles are produced in this way, the moisture in the slurry can not be uniformly absorbed into the mold, i.e., the moisture in the portions of the slurry in the mold is rapidly absorbed, and in the other portions of the water Was sucked very slowly. As a result, the curing speed of the slurry varies depending on the different parts of the mold, so that the density of the solidified ceramic product mold is widely distributed. For example, if the impeller of the ceramic turbocharger produced in this way is used, the blade of the impeller has a high density on its adjacent surface portion and low in its interior. When this density is uneven, the cured ceramic body is removed from the mold, the surface of the ceramic body is likely to be damaged or cracked during stripping. In this case, when the ceramic body after the stripping is dried and sintered, the shrinkage of the ceramic body may cause a large dimensional change so that it may be deformed or cracked.

  Mold Production Of Ceramic Products Japanese Patent No. 2867/81 discloses a method of forming a cured ceramic body in a mold and then removing it from the mold without causing any damage. According to this method, the absorbent mold is placed on a turntable, and the slurry containing the ceramic raw material is subjected to centrifugal separation treatment. The patent claims that the pouring operation should be completed before the water-absorbing mold begins to absorb the moisture contained in the micropores of the cast body and that the pouring operation is contained in the pores of the casting body where the mold is being absorbed Of the water at the same time, that is not cast in the mold will begin to shrink and crack. In this way, the cast body, which is still removed from the mold, which still contains very high moisture, must be immersed in a liquid-absorbent porous medium while being stored in a model made of a fusible organic material and then the model Melted out. Therefore, in this way, it is clear that more use of a model.

  Mold Production Of Ceramic Products SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for producing a mold for producing a ceramic product in which, when the solidified ceramic material body is released from the mold, and after the subsequent sintering process, there is no fear of cracking and deformation.

  According to the present invention, the term "ceramic mold" is produced by casting a slurry containing a ceramic raw material into a mold and curing it in a predetermined direction.