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Silicon Nitride Ceramic Material Selection

Dec 28, 2016

Nitride Silicon high temperature wear, as mechanical parts, as engine in the of rotor, and stator,; hot piston top Gan, reaction sintering burning device, and spark plug, and cylinder sets, precision parts; anti-hot earthquake sex good, as thermocouple casing, and mold, and Crucible, and furnace, and burning mouth, and fever body fixture, and lining, and aluminum liquid catheter, and valve,; resistance corrosion sex good, as chemical Shang of ball valve, and sealed ring, and filter device, and hot Exchange device parts,; wear sex good, as mechanical industrial of bearing ball, and roll column, and seat circle, and high temperature bolt, and column plug pump, and Sealing materials; electronics, military and nuclear industries as a circuit substrate, film capacitors, high temperature insulation, radome, barrel liners, supports, isolation of nuclear reactor parts.