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Structural Change Of Metallographic Structure In Processing Of Mold Production Of Ceramic Products

Aug 22, 2017

Structural Change of Metallographic Structure in Processing of Mold Production Of Ceramic Products

During the processing of the equipment, there is a sharp drop in temperature in the processing area of Mold Production Of Ceramic Products and its adjacent areas, and when the temperature drops to the critical point of the workpiece material, The structure of the metallographic changes. If it is for the general and more common way of cutting, then the basic will not appear to increase the phenomenon.

But we are grinding in the processing, not only grinding in the pressure will be relatively large, and the grinding speed is very high, the metal in the power loss on the cut, this approach is actually undesirable , The energy consumed by the process will eventually be converted into heat, and the larger part of the heat will be transferred directly to the process of processing, eventually leading to Mold Production Of Ceramic Products in the processing A higher temperature appears.

If it is against the hardened Mold Production Of Ceramic Products, the higher temperature will cause the surface of the technology in the metallographic structure changes, to promote the entire metal surface hardness in a serious reduction, resulting in the workpiece oxide film color, which Class phenomenon we can call the grinding of the burn, because the grinding process is more often change the way, so in the grinding and processing process, often the phenomenon of burns, and ultimately lead to the machine in use The performance on the decline.

I have to tell you that Mold Production Of Ceramic Products because of the loading ratio and the composition of the blank and the density of the uniformity of the requirements, so in addition to the mold cavity design, the overall mold and mold design, Will be used in mechanical design or mold design in the relevant structure, they are with the press and mold parts, connectors combined to achieve Mold Production Of Ceramic Products molding requirements.

  Mold production Of Ceramic Products in the design of the time, its strength on the mold is not enough, Moreover, in fact, because it is relatively close to the blade pitch, there is because of its mold structure on the unreasonable, the number of templates is not enough, There is no pad pad, or because of its mold guide is not allowed and its gap is unreasonable, then, will lead to Mold Production Of Ceramic Products burst.

    For Mold Production Of Ceramic Products layout and side, when it suffered an unreasonable reciprocating feed and its nesting method, there is a relatively small edge of the time, to a certain extent, that is, Directly on the mold caused by a sharp wear or convex, concave mold on the bite. This time, we actually have to pay attention to should be reasonable to choose the nesting method and the edge value, so that can improve the mold itself, a life.

    Mold Production Of Ceramic Products guide mechanism accuracy, when it has a more accurate and reliable guide to reduce the wear on the mold work parts, to avoid its convex, concave mold bite the impact of injury is actually relatively large, Especially for its gap-free and small gap punching die, there is the composite die and multi-station progressive die in terms of words, in fact, it will be more effective.

    In order to improve its life in the mold, we actually have to pay attention to should be based on the nature of the process and the accuracy of parts and other requirements to choose, then talk about, we actually should pay attention to the need to be correct to choose Oriented form and should be to a certain extent directly to determine the accuracy of the guide mechanism.

   In the next step, we will pay attention to the cutting process of Mold Production Of Ceramic Products, whether it is man-made wire cutting, or on the line cut gap on the treatment is wrong, or, that is, because it did not make any clear Angle and its line cutting of the metamorphic layer, then, our Mold Production Of Ceramic Products in the actual use of the time, that is, will be more prone to blasting the risk.