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The Development Of Hot Pressing Grouting Mold Industry Foreign Market To Accelerate The Transformation

Jul 03, 2017

The development of Hot Pressing Grouting Mold industry foreign market to accelerate the transformation

Under the circumstance of market competition in the hot pressure grouting mould industry, the hot pressure grouting mould company should actively seek the entry point of the market. How will China's hot-pressure grouting mold industry become the basic industry in China's economy? According to luo baihui, the secretary-general of the international model association, we should actively explore the emerging market of hot-pressed grouting moulds in addition to the traditional market.

In terms of international operation, in addition to the United States, Japan, the European Union and southeast Asia market, we should also develop, such as the Middle East, central Asia, Russia, eastern Europe, South America, Latin America, India and Africa and other countries and regions of the market. At the same time, export enterprises should look for opportunities in the crisis, actively explore the domestic market, create independent brands, promote industrial upgrading, and enhance their competitiveness. In order to meet the demand of export and domestic demand, the development pace of industrial transformation and upgrading of domestic hot-pressure grouting mould casting industry is accelerating.

Only by making the market of China's hot-pressed grouting moulds bigger and bigger, we are more professional. So, hot pressing grouting in our country mold industry must use the trend of the development of the socialization of production create the extremely convenient conditions for us to cooperate, we must through more detailed social division of labor to improve efficiency and specialization level, so as to improve the overall economic benefits of thermal pressure grouting mold manufacturing and competition ability.

By hot-pressing grouting die casting industry in China technical level and product price rapidly increase, hot pressing grouting die casting enterprise develop international market effective results significantly and industrial developed countries in order to reduce the production cost will be needed for hot pressing grouting mould to transfer to China situation to further strengthen three positive factors, such as mold export market performance is good, hot pressing grouting in our country export Hot Pressing Grouting Mold total of $3.005 billion in 2011, an increase of 36.87% over the previous year, the growth rate increased by 17.72% over the previous year.

Hot press grouting in China die casting of comparative advantage is more obvious in the international market, especially in the hot pressing grouting mold industry "twelfth five-year" development plan "in the export-led strategy under the guidance of, is expected in 2012 China's thermal pressure grouting mold exports, though at a slower pace, but is still growing at a high speed.

What are the requirements of the hot-press grouting mold market? According to the data, the total production of domestic tools in China was 29 billion yuan in 2010, with a total of 7 billion yuan of exported tools in addition to the domestic market. In the same year, the total sales of imported cutting tools and domestic tools reached 33 billion yuan, ranking first in the world.

Tool in China grew by 40% in 2010, the first three quarters of growth has exceeded 50%, 2010 foreign tool companies in the domestic sales growth also is very good, there is no demand is far from what development, with the market demand, this is the biggest advantage of hot pressed grouting mould enterprise.

In recent years, China's hot-pressure grouting moulds have formed the backbone of the industry in the great development, and a large number of industry leaders have emerged. Is the main force of China auto thermal pressure grouting mould faw extrusion mould manufacturing co., Ltd., dongfeng motor, hot pressing grouting mould co., Ltd., tianjin auto thermal pressure grouting mould co., Ltd., Sichuan Chengfei Integration Technology Corp., Ltd, Sichuan yibin pushtun Hot Pressing Grouting Mold co., Ltd., nanjing yuejin group Hot Pressing Grouting Mold equipment co., Ltd., foton motor co., Ltd., weifang hot-pressing mold factory, Beijing byd Hot Pressing Grouting Mold co., Ltd., etc., its products represent the overall strength of our country's automobile stamping hot pressed grouting die.