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What Changes Will Occur During Forging Of Dry Powder Pressing Mold

Oct 24, 2017

What changes will occur during forging of Dry Powder Pressing Mold
Under normal circumstances, Dry Powder Pressing Mold brittle cutting effect, in fact, much better than plastic, and can more easily meet the relevant processing requirements, but for the same material, in the metallographic structure, if it is more Small words, then the better, this point in the industry are more recognized.
1, Dry Powder Pressing Mold In the forging equipment, if it is based on the weight of the forging classification, then it is best to use tonnage larger mold or equipment, and in forging should be used before the hammer or hammer drill Mold preheating in advance to ensure the good operation of the production process.
Second, Dry Powder Pressing Mold in the preparation of the blank powder, the blank at the time of cutting, it is best to carry out cold saw, and according to the different requirements of Dry Powder Pressing Mold, in the choice of raw materials, should be selected in accordance with the level , Different materials using different molds, so that the processing will be more accurate.
Third, Dry Powder Pressing Mold heating, the heating of the blank, it is best to slow to prevent the rapid heating of the way to avoid the phenomenon of burning, and in the heating process, the temperature should not limit the lower limit , If the case of burning, it should be the first to cool it and then forging.
If you are heating a number of pieces of Dry Powder Pressing Mold, between each piece and each piece must be provided with a certain clearance during heating, and during the whole heating process, the parts must be flipped to ensure that There will be no bonding between each other to ensure that the product processing and use of normal.
The Dry Powder Pressing Mold after cutting is still poor in profile and shape, and there is a big difference between the contours made from the pure structure, mainly because of the seriousness of the plastic after cutting Of the deformation, and we in the cutting time, the choice of the tool is also more important.
Because the different tools in the precision, as well as fine cutting high and low speed will have an impact, it is serious will affect the normal use of the Dry Powder Pressing Mold. If the brittle Dry Powder Pressing Mold material is processed, then the rate of cutting is not significant for roughness.
The proven powder metallurgy process is widely used in machinery and other industries. Dry Powder Pressing Mold's quality and longevity are important factors in determining the quality and longevity of powder metallurgy parts. Therefore, it is very important to improve the quality and life of the mold. The use of cryogenic treatment can improve the wear resistance of steel in order to achieve the quality and life of the mold, parts quality and life will be increased.
Dry Powder Pressing Mold is usually due to wear and damage caused by parts of the size of the resulting waste. Tool steel in the heat treatment in the metallographic phase will usually leave a lot of austenite, the use of molds prone to organizational changes, resulting in tissue stress, resulting in early damage from the mold, especially when the residual austenite more than 5% of the time, will be obvious Reduce the strength and abrasion resistance of the material.
In the powder metallurgy industry widely used Gr15 steel as a mold material, but in use with Gr15 steel mold quality and life are low, so the use of cryogenic treatment to improve the wear resistance of steel, and ultimately improve the Dry Powder Pressing Mold's quality and longevity.
After a series of experiments, Gr15 steel in the normal heat treatment still remains more austenite, cryogenic treatment is the best way to reduce the austenite residue. When the temperature of the cryogenic treatment is reduced to -140 ° C or less, the amount of retained austenite is substantially stable.
After the cryogenic treatment, the toughness of the GR15 steel is not changed, but the strength is slightly increased. This is because the cryogenic treatment changes the austenite to the martensite, the organization is more refined and the hardness is enhanced. Therefore, the overall strength of the GR15 steel The quality of the Dry Powder Pressing Mold has been significantly improved.
Experiments show that Dry Powder Pressing Mold reduces the amount of austenite after cryogenic treatment, increases the toughness and strength, which significantly improves the quality and life of the mold, and the economy of the mold is further improved. Cryogenic treatment is a way to promote and use, and on this basis we will continue to study the effect of a better way to make Dry Powder Pressing Mold quality and life again.