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What Is The Research On The Processing Method And Simulation Technology Of Dry Powder Pressing Mold

Jun 05, 2017

Dry Powder Pressing Mold What is the study of dry powder pressing mold processing methods and simulation technology? Speaking of dry powder mold processing methods, we actually have to pay special attention, it is actually will directly affect our powder metallurgy products, a quality, there is its development cycle and its manufacturing costs, etc. In fact, there will be a great impact. But the specific impact of dry powder mold, then we actually need to give you a brief introduction to the.

  In the case of a wire cutting tool in a dry powder press mold, it is also possible that there is an electrode that does not need to be subjected to a particular shape, that is, it can be processed directly to almost all of the hardness and any The shape of a workpiece, in terms of its contour processing, it is required for the processing margin will be particularly small.

  Dry Powder Pressing Mold Moreover, for the dry powder mold this way of processing in terms of words, it is actually will be directly beneficial to the less no cutting, there is the electrode wire can be used directly on the reciprocating use, so speaking, for it Of the loss in terms of the fact that it will be relatively small, there is the processing of its relatively high precision, in terms of this type of processing technology, it is actually very suitable for small quantities and its multi-species dry powder suppression Mold a processing.

  For now, in fact, we will be directly on the basis of CNC wire cutting powder processing mold processing technology, then, in fact, is to use Pro / Engineer system Pro / NC module, to its research.

  Dry Powder Pressing Mold But in terms of the above terms, it is actually the main thing is to study the dry powder mold mold cavity of the NC wire cutting and its simulation, and in terms of this aspect, it is actually will automatically generate CNC machining procedures, In this case, we actually will find that the dry powder mold products to create the precision will also be greatly improved